"Take Heart
 - To Be Confident
 - To Be Courageous "

I'm Tabitha, 27 years old from North Yorkshire. I live in London now, studying to be a Chartered Management Accountant, and working in Finance for a fashion brand. 

I wanted to create empowering, positivity driven content with an authentic voice that could cover all aspects of lifestyle blogging, beauty & adventure, but more importantly give me the vehicle to share my personal life experiences. I wholeheartedly believe that the more we tell the truth about ourselves and our lives, we overcome the barriers that set us apart. We connect, we identify with each other and we realise that no matter, who or where we are, we are not alone.

‘Take Heart’ struck a chord with me. ‘Be courageous’ felt right to me. Because every day we all face challenges we could never predict and never believe we could overcome.

Yes, this blog will be a channel for beauty looks, product reviews, travel and all that fun stuff but the core value will be about self-esteem, loving yourself and sending a real, authentic positive message to the audience that will come across it.

We can be whatever we want to be – we’re so many different things, we can achieve whatever we want – we’re more than capable ; we just have to Take Heart and Be Courageous.


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