Saying NO To Make-Up Shaming & Testing Sports FX Cosmetics

Women wearing make up in the gym. Women wearing ‘too much’ make up at work. Women wearing no make-up at all. Whichever woman you are you’ll have faced your fair share of make-up shaming. We’re supposed to be beautiful, but not too done up, we should take pride in our appearance but not be vain, be confident in our bodies and in our appearance but remain modest. We’re constantly commented on, criticised and judged. By men and unfortunately by our fellow women. We can’t win. 

I’ve always been a beauty addict. I love make up. I would regularly wear a full smokey eyeshadow and bold lip to work and not given a scooby. I love the process of waking up in the morning, getting myself ready for the day and channelling how I feel into how I look. You’ll know I’m feeling myself when I rock my signature red lipstick and black winged eyeliner. Since I was 16 years old I’ve faced some form of make-up shaming on a daily basis. 

Calling a spade a spade my relationship with make-up wasn’t always so creative and therapeutic. In my younger years I felt ugly. I hid bad skin under layers of thick foundation and I hid insecurity behind false eyelashes and heavily overdrawn eyebrows. I know the dark side of the beauty industry because I lived it for years, but you know what never helped? Judgements. Comments. Being told that I would be ‘so much prettier’ with less make up on or that its ‘disgusting’ that I’m wearing make up in the gym. Hearing messages that ‘natural’ is ‘prettier’ when you don’t feel naturally beautiful, is an ugly pressure to push onto a young girl and it made me feel like I would never be good enough. 

I remember when my self-esteem was at an all-time low, but I was sick of comments about how much make up I wore, I forced myself to go to the gym barefaced. I felt fat and disgusting. I wanted to crawl up in a hole and disappear. 
Working out is a tough ol’ slog. It’s hard on your body and on your mind, and if you can make that easier on yourself by wearing make-up and feeling more comfortable in your overall appearance? You do you boo. If you work out in the middle of the day and so you don’t have time to take your face off, work out and then reapply? YOU DO YOU BOO! You should be able to fit exercise into your day anyway you can without fear of judgement or raised eyebrows.

When I first saw Sport FX Cosmetics last year my first thought was ‘ey up, heeereee we go. This is going to get some stick’ and my second thought was ‘I HAVE TO HAVE IT’. I mainly work out outdoors ; I love long distance endurance running and I cycle myself around London a fair bit, I’m wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the gym but I am partial to a stint on a climbing wall. I love exercise and I love myself. I want to look how I want to look when I work out and I won’t apologise for it. I loved that there is now a brand specifically catering to active women who are combatting make up shaming head on by simply existing. 

At the London Marathon 2018 Expo Sports FX Cosmetics had a stand offering free mini makeovers and Buy One Get One Free on purchases, so I took the opportunity to try the brand I’d been lusting after for myself. Here are my thoughts for you lovely lot to mull over . . . 

Balance Boosting BB Cream SPF 20 £12.99
The last couple of years I’ve moved more towards BB creams for my base rather than heavy coverage foundations because I find them less work and easier to top up and maintain throughout the day. Also, reality check again, my skin is so much clearer and smoother than it was in my early twenties, I just don’t need the coverage I used to.  I want to describe The Sport FX Balance Boosting BB Cream as a second skin but it is SO MUCH BETTER THAN MY NATURAL SKIN COULD EVER BE. It’s creates the most beautiful glow and has really good coverage without being too heavy. You can wear it with your concealer and powder to build it up for everyday wear, or wear it alone to add a bit of colour to your face for the gym. 

The one anti-make up argument I do understand, is that it’s bad for your skin to wear everyday make up whilst working out because clogged pores + sweating = breakouts. The Sport FX Cosmetics formulas are jam packed with goodness for your skin ; Vitamin Complex E, C + F to hydrate and regulate your skin, and SPF 20 to protect against the elements.

I have used the Sport FX Balance Boosting BB Cream first thing in the morning, looked after children, cleaned, ironed, run 10k with a 20 minute HIIT session, cooked, and by the end of the day my make-up is still in really good shape. 

Core Cream Concealer SPF 20 £8.99
When I got my Core Cream Concealer home and went to apply it I panicked a bit. I bought the shade ‘Light’ but when I applied the product to my face it looked really orange and dark. Turns out once you blend it out it does brighten up and I love that it has a cushion applicator. In terms of coverage, I’m happy enough with it. I wouldn’t do cartwheels about it but it is a good, dewy, fresh concealer that lifts the under eye area and covers mild redness. Which, when you think about it, what more do you want? 

The Sport FX Balance Boosting BB Cream and Core Cream Concealer is now the base in my go to everyday make up routine. The products do what Sport FX promise ; apply in the morning, go to work, hit the gym and bounce back to the office. I slot my runs and my home workouts into my day where I can so I don’t have time to reapply, and with Sport FX Cosmetics, I don’t need to. The price point is amazing for how much I love these products and I’ve seen them run various 3 for 2/Buy One Get One Free/Discounts on their website and I’ll definitely getting get my hands on more!

Have you tried Sport FX Cosmetics yet? What are your thoughts? Are you sick of being make up shamed? Share your experiences below and lets have a chat! 

Until next time . . . Take Heart x



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