Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Range Review

Praise God for bringing the sunshine this May Bank Holiday and knowing us Brits its going to be short skirts and topless fat men galore. The Auzzies may rip us for it but you know what? I don’t care. I’m a British sun lover loud and proud, even if that sun is only about 20 degrees. 

The only problem with the spring sunshine is that I am so pale I’m a reflective surface. It’s a misconception that because I’m Persian, I’m tan. I’m really not. My skin does have an olive tone, but its white white white, pale pale pale.  

Funnily enough the lovely team at Influenster sent me the Rimmel London SunShimmer range just in time for our mini heatwave, and after trying it out for 2 weeks I’m letting you know my final verdicts. 

Instant Tan Matte £6.99 in Dark
The whole range I was sent describes itself as Matte but all the products have a bit of glitter and plenty of glow. Not too much that you feel tacky or like a walking sparkle but enough to give your tan dimension. No one wants a totally matte tan away – you’d look weird. 

This Instant Tan is a day wear wash off product for your body and face that claims to be water and transfer resistant. Mmmm not quite Rimmel. Out of all three products it transferred the least, but there was still transfer. I liked this instant tan for a quick bit of colour, it was easy to use and looked great - no complaints from me but it didn't knock my socks off either. I'm a hard girl to please!

No matter the product, the tanning mitt or the way the wind blows I will never be able to tan my ankles.  If anyone has a magic trick so that I don't look dirty I would LOVE to hear it. 

Self Tan Mousse £7.99 in Dark Matte

A tip when buying any Rimmel London tanning product ; when it says dark, its means DARK. My heart nearly dropped out of my stomach when I first slapped a dollop of the Self Tan Mousse onto my legs. It is very dark and it starts to set quickly so you do have to work fast with your tanning mitt. Once I realised how dark it was I eased off the amount of product I used. I found it did settle really nicely and worked with my natural olive skin tone well. Be mindful what shade you pick up because although we all want a deep tan if you go too dark it just won’t work. This mousse develops within 1 hour. So take that in. Its dark af and it develops. 

The end result I loved but there were some touch and go moments the first couple of times I used it. It dries quickly and it’s easy to achieve a streak free finish. If you’re a fan of mousse tan I would definitely recommend giving this one a go! 

Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil £8.99 in Medium to Dark Matte 
HELLO NEW FAVOURITE TANNING PRODUCT! I LOVED this Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil and I’m not usually a lotion fan. I will say when picking out a tanning product you need to know what you want ; this isn’t a durable, long lasting product. It’s very much ; I have an event today and I want an incredible tan so I’m going to apply it knowing full well I need to stay clear of water splashes and I’ll be showering it off tonight. I mean not everything needs to last a week and survive a tsunami if you know what I mean? 

In summary ; if you’re looking for a drugstore tan that will give you some serious colour and looks flawless, I’d say you could pick up any item in the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer range. Just a warning if you sleep in light bedsheets ; all three products rubbed off all over my white bedding each night I slept in them. The good news however, is that everything washed out really easily. 
My personal favourite was the Self Tan Lotion with Chia Oil. It didn’t have that distinctive fake tan smell, it was easier to work into my skin than the other formulas and it looked FLAWLESS. I will however stand by what I said above that this tan was very much a ‘one occasion wear’ product. 

Everyones tanning mitt looks this dirty though right? No? Just me? Cool. . .

Head to your nearest Boots or Superdrug store to shop or if you just can't tear yourself away from the beer garden the full range is available on their websites. 
Have you tried any of the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer range? Are any of these jumping out to you or do you have your own holy grail products that you think I need to try? 

Enjoy the sunshine folks and until next time . . . Take Heart xx

* This post contains gifted items. 


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