The NEW Midi Dress

Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress I don’t know about you but when I think of midi dress’s I think of those jersey tank top type things that cling to every lump and bump. I certainly don’t think, what can I add to my spring wardrobe that will be comfortable, stylish and easy to wear? Oh a Midi Dress! No, just no. 

Warehouse, one of my favourite high street brands – I worked for them for 2 years and daammn was my wardrobe beautiful - has every print, style and material Midi Dress you could ask for this SS18. Short or long sleeve midi dress - they've got it! And you know what? They are BEAUTIFUL!
Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress Take Heart
A big theme in my life for 2018 has been around fashion and embracing my body. I’m pushing my comfort zone and wearing outfits I’d be way too afraid to wear a year ago. I’m throwing out the ‘too fat, too old, too broad’ and I’m wearing whatever the frick I fancy. I just ran a marathon for petes sake. My body is an incredible machine and 2018 is the year I stop bullying my body for its shape and celebrate it exactly how it is.  

I got bold. I picked out a Midi Dress I would be way too afraid to wear a year ago. 
High neck and high back with my boobs and broad shoulders? 
A line skirt with my hips? 

Midi length when I’m nearing 30? Am I going to look old and frumpy? 

I bought the Chevron Stripe Midi Dress and despite all the negative voices and insecurities swirling around my head ; I LOVE IT. Warehouse are calling this dress the ‘modern way to wear stripes’. All the detail ; pockets, buttons and the full body fine stripe print mean that no matter your body shape it’s incredibly flattering.
Take Heart Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress Take Heart
Once I was out and about in my beautiful new midi dress there were so many practical advantages to this new length and style for the lazy girl in all of us. A calf length dress means that as I’m coming out of winter hibernation and into spring I only have to shave the bottom half of my legs. Boys may think I’m gross but girls you know where I’m coming from right? It’s a shock to the system after months of minimal grooming so this is a stylish way to stay lazy a little longer. 

Along the same lines ; only having to fake tan the bottom half of your legs! Make sure you don’t forget from one day to the next though because throwing on a short skirt with white thighs and orange calves isn’t cute. 
Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress Take Heart
The new midi dress is a fashion forward, easy outfit in one. No more dodgy jersey or rushing to pull a full outfit together. Look for prints, new shapes and cuts and try something different when you’re updating your spring wardrobe. Make sure you head to the Warehouse website for a browse ; Midi Dress's really are an easy, lightweight alternative to spring dressing.

What are your thoughts on the New Midi Dress? Are you ready to go a bit bolder this spring?

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 
*This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own
Warehouse Chevron Stripe Midi Dress Take Heart



  1. This dress/outfit is beautiful!

    Love the message you're putting out with this too, I struggle to embrace my body, particularly in the summer. The hotter months are so much harder.

    Thanks for sharing x

    Ysabelle x

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