Elizabeth Arden 'Red Door Experience' Review

First things first, let me say I am a HUGE Elizabeth Arden fan. There is always a tube of the Original 8 Hour Cream in my handbag, on my bedside table and in my bathroom. I use the Prevage Anti-Aging skincare range and my ride or die, couldn’t live without, go to, blush is the Gelato Gel Blush. Needless to say that when I was invited to Debenhams Oxford Street for a complimentary Red Door Experience I jumped at the opportunity. 

Before we dive into what I thought, here are the details you need to know ; from 15th – 28th February 2018, Elizabeth Arden is staging a beauty takeover of Debenhams Oxford Street. You book in and receive a 45 minute personalized skincare consultation, along with a customized Oxygen Blast. You receive a complimentary gift filled with products to the value of £60, and the £15 booking fee is redeemable against your purchases. 

If you’re a newbie to Elizabeth Arden, you don’t know who she was or what the brand is about, let me give you a crash course ; she was the original Girl Boss. She basically established the American beauty industry over a century ago, and championed the idea that beauty products should enhance a woman’s natural beauty, not mask or hide it.  

The first ‘Red Door’ salon opened in 1910 on Fifth Avenue, New York.  That same red door is the iconic logo on all their packaging and of course the namesake of today’s Elizabeth Arden Spa services. 

At 27 I still suffer from acne, hormonal breakouts and now as I’m getting old and wise (I wish), I’m noticing signs of pigmentation, aging and plenty of wear and tear. I’ve always wanted to go to a professional dermatologist but could never afford it so if, like me, you want someone who knows about skincare, has vast product knowledge, knows all the fancy names of the ingredients and which ones actually work, then you’ll love The Red Door Experience. 

The first thing that happens with your Red Door Experience is your consultant will perform a Skin Scan on various areas of your face .This will measure your skins moisture, texture, radiance/brightness, pigmentation and elasticity. I was chuffed to hear that for my age range – the consultant hands you the device so you can enter your own details – my skin elasticity is really high. How grateful am I for those Middle Eastern genes right now! The main concerns for my skin, were pigmentation (which I was already aware of) and a serious lack of moisture. The Skin Scan service is free so if you bought into a skincare range and wanted to see the progress you could just pop into an Elizabeth Arden and ask for another scan free of charge. Once you know your target areas, the consultant tailors the experience to what your skin needs. I had the lovely Eleisha, who talked me through the products, routines and regimes that I need to be implementing into my skincare to prevent further damage and repair the damage already done. 

Honestly, I was baffled. Which is why I LOVE this kind of thing. I think I know a thing or two about skincare ; I read a lot, I’m really interested in it, and I try tonnes of products, but when I’m sat being told what’s what by an expert I realise just how clueless I really am. Totally in awe. 

A lot of the driest areas of my skin are due to a build-up of dead skin cells where I’m not exfoliating effectively. New cells can’t generate underneath the dead skin cells, and they act as a barrier. Therefore any topical application of moisturiser or serum cant penetrate the deeper layers on the skin. Eleisha recommended the Elizabeth Arden Superstart Probiotic Cleanser and the Skin Illuminating Re-Texturising pads. I only need to be exfoliating once or twice a week – too much can be just as damaging as too little – just enough to remove that scaly top layer.

Eleisha applied the Superstart Probiotic Cleanser to give my skin the deep clean and exfoliation it needs before we started with the facial. 

I’ve had an Elizabeth Arden Oxygenating Facial before, and the first time I had it was over the top of my make-up, which makes you look totally airbrushed. – it’s epic. Applying over makeup however does mean the serum can’t penetrate as deeply into the skin so this time I went bare faced.

It’s a funny feeling having air blasted onto your face, but once you relax into it, it’s actually really soothing. Immediately after application my skin felt tighter, smoother and softer and my pores were VISIBLY smaller. The results of the Oxygenating Facial are actually the best the morning after ; I swear I woke up with a brand new face. I will definitely be back for more Oxygen Blast’s and I think they would be perfect the day before a big event ; a wedding, a photoshoot or birthday, it’s like a guaranteed perfect skin day. 

Eleisha then walked me through, using the products, the daily, morning and evening skincare routine I should be using based on what we saw in my Skin Scan. She really emphasized the importance of massaging your products into the skin to stimulate cell renewal – especially around the eyes. We used Superstart Skin Renewal Booster, Prevage Anti-aging and Intensive Repair Daily Serum, and the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum, which I was chuffed to see are part of the free gift so I get to keep on testing them in my own time.

For me the single most important piece of information and the most important product Eleisha recommended was the Prevage City Smart Hydrating Shield Tinted Moisturiser. Living in London, cycling and running I’m constantly surrounded by pollution and my skin gets really congested. City Smart protects against pollution, it’s SPF 50 so it protects against the sun and against visible aging. It’s a really clever tinted moisturiser too ; it has a universal tint that means no matter your skin colour it will adapt and leave skin with a smooth and radiant appearance. I need to be wearing this every day, under make up, on its own, to tackle my hectic lifestyle and the damage it’s doing to my skin.  

To complete the experience Eleisha applied a light make up look ; she told me a lot of women are booking their Red Door Experiences on their lunch breaks, in between meetings and don’t want to go back to work bare faced. Let’s face it, lots of women aren’t comfortable without any make up on and I think a light bit of something, gives you the confidence to go about your day  a little brighter, rather than not feeling your best self.  

It really is an educational experience. I was torn between taking notes, asking a million questions and actually relaxing. I didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t recommend the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Experience more and if you’re new to the brand, or new to taking your skincare seriously, it’s a perfect introduction. Taking all the hassle out of booking you can head straight to the Elizabeth Arden website and see their available appointments for yourself.
What did you think? Are you intrigued to get a Skin Scan for yourself? Will you be trying Elizabeth Arden now and how about booking yourself in for your very own Red Door Experience? Let me know! 

Until next time, Take Heart xx 

* My Elizabeth Arden Red Door Experience was a complimentary service.



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