Winter Activewear with JD Williams

When it became acceptable to wear my gym gear out shopping, for brunch with the girls and to generally run around London in, I jumped on that band wagon with both feet. 
As a runner and a cyclist I was already in lycra 90% of my week and it was so comfortable to throw on activewear for a day running errands, leggings made my butt look great, and I could look effortless and stylish without the work.

Before Christmas I saw this Rose Gold Sweat set from Ellesse on JD Williams and I fell in love. I was in the market for a new sweater with a warm fuzzy inside and I've been looking for sweat pants I liked for months. With the weather getting colder I've found my leggings not quite cosy enough and I've been druelling over the Instagram style pages, taken over by girls in slouchy sweatpants and chunky trainers, for too long. 
I'm a huge fan of the sports branded logo tee's and jumper 'come back'. There is something very cool about donning an old school Ellesse, Puma or Reebok jumper either with your regular sports leggings or as a full set for the complete 90's throwback. The Rose Gold detail is a nod to current trends without compromising the retro feel of the outfit.

Lets talk the yummy, fuzzy inside of a new sweater. Is there anything better on this earth? Both the jumper and the sweat pants are gorgeous fluffy on the inside and seriously warm. I've been wearing them together as a day outfit but also over the top of my gym gear to and from my workouts to keep me warm.

I sized up in my Ellesse Rose Gold sweat set, getting a size 14 in the jumper and a size 12 in the joggers. I'm usually an 8-10 so I might sound mad but I knew I wanted it to be slouchy and comfortable. Now that I have it and have worn it religiously, I would say you could buy your size and the style would be slouchy enough or even go one size bigger for a more enhanced effect. I think my logic at the time was that Christmas was coming up and I needed to make sure at least one outfit still fit post Christmas Day pizza (yes, we have pizza for Christmas dinner in my family #legends) and chocolate.

Weather dependent I've been alternating between my Reebok Classics and my Timberland boots with this outfit. I have to say despite buying it with trainers in mind, I LOVE how the Rose Gold logo on the ankle of the joggers, sits just above the top of my Timberlands. I do have to be careful though ; depending on how I'm feeling or even how messy my hair is it can go from stylish to chavvy reaaal quick.

To style this co-ord up and make it even more fabulous I've been dreaming about the perfect sheepskin aviator jacket or even a long tailored coat, but for my comfortable 'to do list as long as my arm days' it's all about the down jacket. Mine is a Thermoball Zip-In Jacket from The North Face I've had for years, that is amazing for hiking and keeping me warm on a mountain so it can definitely keep me snug running around London.

I also got an Ellesse Rose Gold T-Shirt set that includes a baby pink t-shirt and one grey t-shirt, again with the Rose Gold logo. They are so soft, thick and loose fitting for maximum coziness! I've been wearing mine around the house but also tucking them into jeans with a belt for an easy day look.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of the Ellesse Rose Gold Sweater and Joggers?  I hope you've got a feel for my priorities when it comes to my wardrobe ; I'm all about comfort and warmth in winter and if I can look good whilst doing it then that's the dream. Don't forget to head over to JD Williams and check out their full activewear range. 
How do you wear you're activewear?

Until next time . .  .Take Heart x


* This post contains gifted items.
Photo credit : MariaJ



  1. I absolutely love the photos in this post! You look amazing. :-)

    Although I love wearing workout gear around the house (I've been living in my leggings for the past couple of months), I've never really liked the idea of wearing it when I'm out and about. Having said that, though, I really love the sweater you're wearing here and you do look VERY comfy.


    1. Thanks Freya!! My laziness knows no bounds and I just can't get myself dressed smart most days!

  2. You photograph so well, and have such a beautiful smile! And you actually make slouch wear look elegant!

    I'm not a huge fan of wearing a coat (used to drive my grandma mad!), so i'm all for thick jumpers and jackets with a fluffy warm lining! Quite gutted that this one is out of stock now though, as I'm a big fan of the 90's brands comeback!

    Katt |

    1. Aww Katt! Thats so kind of you to say! Bless your grannie hahah <3
      Thank you for reading and commenting babe xx

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  5. What an exciting time! The photos are fantastic. I look forward to reading more about it.

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