How I'm Quitting Tech In 2017

Ok slight exaggeration. I'm not quitting tech completely, I am however taking a MASSIVE step back. I've really started to notice how Netflix, social media and the knee jerk scrolling through apps for updates is affecting my peace of mind. I'm struggling to fall asleep at night and when I do its disturbed and disrupted, my attention span is short and I'm comparing myself in a load of different ways to the people I see on social media everyday. It's snook up on me but tech has taken over my life. 
If you've noticed similar things happening to you then read on and maybe have a think about little changes you could make to take back some of the power from technology!

1. NO laptop on my bed. I'm getting an armchair for my room so that when I want to watch Netflix in my room I'm not sitting on my bed. Living in a shared house I'm forever laying on my bed if I don't want to/can't sit in the living rom doing my own thing. I tend to dose and snooze in the middle of the day or in the evening which means I don't sleep properly through the night. I also think I need to define my bed as 'sleep space' and not blur the lines quite so much. 

2. NO laptop IN bed. Research is telling us by using a laptop or phone - any artificial blue light source - in bed before you go to sleep you're actually stimulating your mind ; flashing colors, other people’s voices, engaging storylines - it’s the total opposite of what you need as your day is winding down. I'm definitely noticing how hard I find it to fall asleep and how its ever harder for me to sleep through the night.

Lack of sleep makes Tabby a grumpy bitch.

3. NO tech 1 hour before bed. This one is going to be the hardest I swear but I'm going to commit to not using my laptop or phone or watching TV one hour before bed. Again it's all to do with disturbed sleep patterns so going forward I will read, just relax or get the ol knitting out. By the sounds of it I'm gonna be knitting a lot so get ya jumper requests in. 

4. NO more than one episode a night. My friends J + K do this and I laughed at them at first but it makes so much sense! Binge watching new series makes me so lethargic and I swear it actually kills off brain cells. I go into a coma. Between studying, training, blogging and YouTube I really don't have time to waste laying in my watching 5 episodes of Suits but I fall into the trap everytime. So going forward I will only let myself watch one episode a day MAX.

 5. NO tech on the tube. I mainly cycle to work now but whilst I've been sick I've been getting the tube and its the single most soul destroying thing about living in London. Next time I'm itching for my phone I'm going to pick up my knitting to keep my hands busy. On the tube I sit and scroll around on my phone even though I know nothing can refresh and then when we pull into a station I frantically try to connect to the wifi. That is not healthy - no more phone on the tube. JUST KNITTING.

Do you guys have any tips on how you don't let tech take over? Recognise any of these traits in your own life and think you need to take a break? Let me know!

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 



  1. These are great tips! I share my house too so am always sneaking the laptop into bed, even though I know I shouldn't! I do have a 'no phone in the bedroom' rule so I charge my phone in the kitchen at night. It helps eliminate needless timeline scrolling in bed! Dani xx

    1. Oooo good idea! My phone charger is by my bed at the moment and when I wake up in the night I check my phone straight away - such a bad habit! I need to buy a watch and get a clock haha! Thanks for reading sweetie xx


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