Starting 2017 In A Funk

I am in a funk. There is no other word to describe it. Im not sad, low or depressed. I'm not happy, high or excited. I feel a bit blah with an edge of frustration, on top of a humble perspective that I'm incredibly grateful for the many things that make my life an utter and complete blessing.

I'm defining 'a funk' as the place you're at when life isn't falling apart, it's not rocketing towards an exciting new venture, it just is what it is, albeit, pretty darn comfortable. More commonly known as first world problems.

Yes. I'm aware I sound mad. But that's where I am. I'm starting 2017 in a brand new place I've never been before - Funk Town. And I'm here completely at my own behest because I just can't get out of my own head.

So choices I'm making for my happiness right now :

1. I am going to accept my fate in regards to my health. I could keep battling with it and driving myself crazy or I could just accept that the gym, running and cycling are off the cards for a while and I need to rest.

2. I am going to stick a list on my bedroom door, put it in my purse, save it as my phone background of all the ways I'm grateful for everything I have in my life. So what if I don't have a flash new promotion, new house or new city this year. Where I am right now is pretty amazing and if I spend my time focusing on everything that isn't happening right now I'm going to miss the gift that is my life as it is.

3. I am going to create content I want to create. I'll write a separate post in more detail but when it comes to Take Heart I've been real conflicted around what I think I 'should' be doing vs who I actually am and what I actually want to do. Needless to say I'm done debating what direction I need to go in. I'm going to create content I am passionate about and interested in and hopefully that will shine through.

4. I am going to start reaching out to my friends. Ive stopped because I don't believe I'm worth their time. I've been spending my weekends alone because I can't run, drink and I'm not crazy, loud Tabby right now. I think i have nothing to contribute to my friendships and that no one would want to hang out with the sick girl anyway.

I am my own biggest blocker and right now I'm choosing to stay in this funk. But there is another option open to me. I get to choose to head to the station, buy a ticket and get my arse on the first train out of funk town.

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 


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