Training Tabz - It's OK to listen to your body

Ironically I am sat writing this weeks ‘Training Tabz’ having just decided to sack off tonight’s core session. Training going well then ey Tabs?
Long story short, I was hit by a car last Tuesday. I managed to stay on my bike and Babydoll - my bike is called Babydoll - was fine apart from a flat tire. I was very lucky not to suffer any major injuries and the minor ones I did have were just bruising and soreness. The universe was definitely looking after me. 

As you can imagine everyone and their mother advised me to take it easy last week. I ditched core sessions, I didn’t run and I only cycled 4 days out of 7. 

Although this isn’t quite the jump start, full of beans and miles start to the series I would have liked, I think it’s important to show that sometimes you have to stop. Like seriously, stop. Sit down. Rest. Your body needs it and pushing yourself through when something doesn’t feel right is only going to make it worse. 

In other news last week I found out I had secured a golden bond charity place for London Marathon 2017. OVER THE BLOODY MOON DOESN’T BEGIN TO COVER IT. I’m so excited to get training, I have a ton of fundraising ideas and the donations have started trickling in already. I published my ‘testimonial’ on my blog for anyone interested in why I’m running for Guys & St Thomas’ Kidney PatientsAssociation and there are links to my Virgin Money Giving page, again only if you’re interested.

I’m feeling really overwhelmed. In 48 hours life can be so scary and so wonderful in the same space. I genuinely feel blessed. I am grateful for my friends and family that support me in everything I do, and push me to be better. The next 3 months are going to be very very cool. 

Running – 0km, 0 miles 
Weeell this sorry state of affairs is going to need to change if mama gonna run a marathon. 

Cycling – 89km, 55 miles 
You can never be too aware on the roads folks, even when you think you’re safe, look again. I’m not angry about what happened I’m just taking it as information to make me a better, safer cyclist. 

Core Work 
Zero. Zilch. Zippo. 

Read last weeks Training Tabz and until next time . . . Take Heart x 


  1. Hahaha I've barely done any training in a month as either been away on work trips in the week or at friends for weekends. It's been awful aha, can't wait to get back into it!


    1. It's so easy to get busy and lose track! Are you training for anything inparticular love?



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