Why Live A Life That's Perceived As Mad? #QuestionMadness

Why live a life that's perceived as mad?
I'm an ordinary girl and I'm just like you.
I'm a city girl. I work in the finance sector of the beauty industry, based in London, and my Monday to Friday 'everyday life' is as ordinary as it gets.

18 months ago I joined a running club when I was new to the city and since, I've raced countless 5k and 10k races UK and internationally, ran cross country leagues, multiple half marathons, even a 30k in Budapest. I cycle 80 miles each week for my commute. I've hiked a mountain in Switzerland, summited Snowden and braved multi-day solo hikes. Two years ago I couldn't run for a bus. Two years ago I couldn't dream beyond what my career would be, how 'hard I could work' and how 'successful' I would become.

But now the madness has taken over. If i'm not training, I'm researching my next trip, googling what races I can enter and pushing the boundaries of what a normal little city girl like me can achieve. I've stopped drinking to improve my fitness and I've stopped spending my cash on make up and clothes so I can travel. Sure the judgement and scrutiny has started but I'm becoming so much braver than I ever thought I could be. I'm achieving so much more than I ever believed possible. People can call me crazy. It's a small price to pay to have the world on a string.

Decide you want something more than you're afraid of it.

I'm Tabby and I'm an ordinary girl just like you.



  1. Snap! I need to get back into this but 3 years ago I couldn't run for the bus either. 2 years ago I ran a marathon, did the three peaks in 24 hours, climbed Kilimanjaro and ran countless 10k obstacle courses - loved every single minute of it! I just got a place on the Brighton half in Feb and the Brighton Marathon in April so time to get my running shoes out again!

    Thanks for some much needed inspiration!

    Dani x | flourishingfreelancer.com | brighteyedandbewildered.com

    1. Hey Dani, that's so awesome congrats! I'm following your footsteps then ; I'm doing the Yorkshire 3 peaks and the National in 2017 and I'm doing London Marathon which will be my first one!
      Good luck in Brighton lovely xx


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