GBBO Challenge - Week 5 Honey and Walnut Baklava

I have a confession to make. I cheated. I didn't make my own filo pastry. Can you forgive me? I had every intention of making everything from scratch but when I started to google recipes pretty much EVERY recipe recommended using frozen pastry. Once I found a recipe I knew I would need a full day to do this properly (3 hours in a tent? Are you mad?!) and I just don't have the time this week. 
Cost of ingredients : £5.91 
Baking Time : 2 and a half hours (ish)
Getting ingredients this week was an absolute nightmare. I already had most of it in my kitchen (hence why I only spent 6) but to get ground cinnamon, filo pastry and walnuts I had to trek Sainsbury's, Aldi AND Lidl. I didn't use a BBC recipe this week, I went with a bloggers recipe I found in all my googling. Check out Natasha's Kitchen, a family food blog, and her Baklava recipe here.
 The honey syrup was pretty easy ; mixing sugar, honey, water and lemon juice and bringing it to boil. Blitzing the walnuts however was no fun because I don't have a food processor. Instead I got my smoothie maker and just blended small amounts of walnuts at a time. Constructing the Baklava is pretty easy as long as you're gentle with the pastry because I ripped a fair few sheets. TOP TIP : read the ingredients list and read the recipe before you go shopping. I was supposed to have 40 sheets of pastry for this recipe. I only bought 12. Idiot. I could still make the Baklava but it meant mine is a lot smaller than a normal one and there are lots less layers obviously. I sliced it into diamonds and popped it into the oven.
Once you pull the Baklava out of the oven you have to pour the honey syrup over it straight away and its supposed to crackle . . .AND MINE DID. YEY! Leave it overnight for the syrup to soak in and boom you're done.
This is by a million miles the tastiest bake I've done so far. This is going to have to become my signature bake - Mary would bloody love it.
I do feel like a cheat this week - making the pastry would have raised the complexity level by loadddsss so by not making it I avoided the hardest bit. I'm gonna pledge right here right now, - I WILL NOT CUT ANYMORE CORNERS.

Until next time . . .Take Heart x



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