Illamasqua A/W 2016 Extinct Collection

I know its blasphemy in England to wish away the (pathetic excuse for a) summer but I'm so excited for A/W make up looks, new collections and not having my face melt down my neck. Extinct inspires creativity, pushes boundaries and 'this powerful collection provides you with the tools and expertise to create your own kind of beauty that challenges the expected'. Also . .. IT'S SO PRETTY.
Demise Palette 
Three powder eyeshadows and one cream with a limited edition revival shade 'Gimp'. The white shade applies as a gorgeous white gold and having not worn pink shades before I'm having a lot of fun playing the burgundy, Interitus.

Pure Pigment - Axolotl
A holographic blue loose pigment that can be worn alone or layered over a deeper product. Mainly worn as an eye shadow topper but you could lightly tap this on the arch of your cheekbones for an insane highlight.

Matte Lip Liquid - Exoskeleton (Dusky Purple)
Last year Illamasqua did a red Matte Lip Liquid called 'Fire' and it is PERFECTION. I LOVE that this formula has been brought back and in such a gorgeous shade. I've worn this lip liquid a dozen times and it does not budge.

Precision Gel Liner - Quixotic (Emerald Green)
The same formula as Infinity - Illamasqua fans will know it well - and like the original I do struggle with the consistency of this product. I have to matte my eyelid, draw my liner, let it dry and go back over to get the full impact, but daaammnnn is this green pretty. Illamasqua's press release suggests you blend this all over the lid and layer Pure Pigment Axolotl for an unconventional smoky eye. 

 - Cascade (Blue/White Frost)
Jubilance (Pale Copper)
Two pigmented powders with iridescent finishes. Just like with the Pure Pigment you can use these alone as a delicate wash over the eyes or layer up and apply with a damp brush for a more solid colour. Jubilance is my favourite by far and its perfect for adding an extra something when you're in a rush.

Nail Varnish - Remains (Purple Glitter) 
Quagga (Duo Toned Green)
£14.50I'm a shellac girl usually so I don't often use or buy nail polish but Remains was too pretty to resist. Really long wearing and great pigment for a glitter nail polish. The press release says to wear a black polish underneath to intensify the colour but I wore Remains on it own and it was fine.

So there was your run down of all the bits and pieces in the Extinct Collection and this is available in Selfridges, Free Standing Stores, Web AND Debenhams as of TODAY.  Keep your eye on Take Heart for a YouTube video for  a "4 Different Ways to wear Extinct Look Book".

Until next time, Take Heart x



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    1. So so pretty 😍😍 Its really cool to use as well because so many of the products double up as other things. I'm going to do a look video on YouTube so I'll let you know when it's up 👊🏽


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