GBBO Challenge - Week 4 Lace Pancakes

It's all been kicking off over The Great British Bake Off the last couple of weeks ; Mel and Sue have quit, Mary is staying with the BBC and Channel 4 have paid 17 million quid for Paul Hollywood and a tent. In all the drama I got a bit behind with my challenges so here a little later than planned is my batter week GBBO challenge ; lace pancakes.
Cost of Ingredients : £2.50
Baking Time : 1 hour

The rules to this weeks challenge were 24, uniformed, evenly cooked intricate lace pancakes. Weeell I'm not going to keep you in suspense ; all I managed was 5, burnt, swirly splodges. Who'd have thunk it that after gingerbread week I'd be undone by a pancake. I used this BBC recipe.

Making the batter was really easy with the 'well' technique, adding flour and milk gradually to the egg mixture in the middle to get a smooth batter. It was here I started messing up. I used a piping bag rather than a squeezey bottle (because I didn't have one) and whilst trying to get the batter in the bag half of it went on my kitchen floor. The first pancake I attempted was too thin and delicate and so when I went to flip it it fell apart. Between each pancake more batter ended up on the floor, on my clothes and generally every direction that wasn't the pan. 
Because I spilt half the batter I ran out after 5 pancakes and my although my inner perfectionist wanted to whip up some more and finish all 24 I had two issues. 1) I was home alone and would have to eat all 24 pancakes to myself 2) I really couldn't be arsed.

Ironically the seemingly most simple challenge so far has been the one that's broke me. If you haven't seen my other challenges check them out here and head over to my Twitter and Facebook to vote for next weeks bake.

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 

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