GBBO Challenge - Week 3 Chocolate Bread

I didn't offer this weeks bake out to a vote as I had such a busy weekend on my hands I knew my lovely friends and family would stick me with another bloody showstopper. This week was bread week and I went for the first challenge ; Chocolate Bread. I've made a white and milk chocolate chip chocolate bread plait with salted caramel insides and generally all over. 
This weeks base recipe was Paul Hollywood's - here, I found the salted caramel recipe here, and so it was off to Aldi I went to pick up all the ingredients.
Cost of Ingredients : £7.05
Baking Time : 1 hour (but 3 hours for proofing)

Bread week was pretty easy in terms of prep ; literally mix it all together and BAM - dough. I don't know if I didn't mix it for long enough or the right way or maybe I didn't knead it properly (what is the proper way to do it?)  but my dough felt pretty flaky. When I was trying to work it the dough kept falling apart and then when I rolled it out, filled it with salted caramel and tried to stick it back together it just wouldn't stick back. Ah well - I managed to plait it (the worlds most uneven plait there ever was) and get it on a baking tray for proofing. After two hours I popped it in the oven for half an hour and BLAMMO - choco bread. Once it had cooled down I tried drizzling salted caramel in a zig zag, ya know, creative flair and all that, but instead I got salted caramel slugs. I am really not a baking pro. I've been off sick from work this week which means I couldn't take this one into work so no taste test from the work girls but I must say chocolate bread tastes weird. Or maybe I didn't cook it properly?

Now to talk about the elephant in the room. Channel 4 have STOLEN Bake Off and Mel and Sue have jumped ship. Its horrible. We're all grieving. All we can do during this difficult time is pull together, come up with some awful baking puns and put on our aprons. I will valiantly persevere with this GBBO Challenge as it may be the only one I ever do ; in memory of the true GBBO.

If you'd like to catch up on the rest of my GBBO Challenge it's all here. And if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you can vote each week which bake I should attempt!

Until next time - Take Heart x 

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