GBBO Challenge - Week 2 Gingerbread Showstopper

This Great British Bake Off Challenge will start small I told myself. You'll have a couple of weeks before things get mental I said. Well thanks to you guys I found myself making a 30cm high gingerbread structure that had to tell a story about me AND have 8 'characters' - IN WEEK 2. Thanks a bunch. 

Same deal as last week I got Mary Berry's gingerbread recipe off the BBC Website but this time I split my shop between Sainsbury's, Lidl and Aldi. Trying to save some pennies!
Cost of Ingredients : £17.70
Baking Time : 7 BLOODY hours

My structure quite naturally was make up themed ; a mirror with a little tray holding 4 lipsticks, 2 nail varnishes with 2 make up brushes just below. To say my blood sweat and tears went into this challenge would be an understatement but after hours of toil I had an independently standing gingerbread mirror - smaaaashed it (not literally). I had tons of gingerbread left after I'd cut my templates so I used the extra dough to make biscuits for my work girls topped with white chocolate icing. I only ate 5 . .. Or 6 . .maybe more.
Key learns from this weeks challenge would definitely be that Kneading dough hurts and stirring icing is painful. I swear with this challenge I had more of an upper body workout than if I'd gone to the gym. Also food colouring effects the taste of the icing. As beautiful as my masterpiece was, the amount of food colouring I used meant it wasn't actually edible. The iced parts tasted like ink and acid. When I carved it up to hand out at work I had to bin the black icing I'm afraid.
Monday was particularly hot and muggy in London and I came home from work to find the gingerbread had warmed,softened and collapsed. R.I.P Gingerbread Structure - I will never forget you. 

I'm dead chuffed I actually managed this challenge. It was definitely the confidence boost I needed to believe in my own creative flair and actual baking ability. Don't worry I don't think I'm Paul Hollywood but so far we've had two GBBO challenges and two successful bakes. I couldn't be happier but the fear hasn't completely gone .. . .What could bread week have in store for me?
Check out last weeks GBBO Challenge here and don't forget to follow me on Twiiter and Facebook where I open the voting to you each week to chose which bake you would like me to attempt. 

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 

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