What's In My Hiking Bag - Day Hike

I went on my first day hike in January and having never been on a hike before and being the overly organised, pack the kitchen sink kind of girl I packed everything except the bloody iron when all I really needed was a few essentials. From my experience this year i'd say there are some key items you need to make sure are always in your hiking bag . .. 

So what do you really need? 

Cash - There are often little cafes along the route or the dream is a pub at the end. It's always best to carry a bit of cash as you ain't in London anymore folks. A lot of these small country business' like cafes and ice cream shacks (THE BEST) don't take card.

Route Description - Even if your taking a national park route I'd say print the map or route description just to be on the safe side. 

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel - Because we aren't animals people. Climbing over fences, stiles or pulling yourself up steep trails on rocks means lots of icky germs. I carry a bottle of Anti-Bac with me where ever I go and especially on hikes. 

Waterproof Trousers - if you're hiking in England 'id say these are a must for any hikers kit. Small and compact in a handy drawstring bag I leave these in the bottom of my pack at all times in case of heavy rainfall.

Jumper/Fleece - Again, if you're living in England you have to expect all seasons in a day. Every hike I've been on this year layers have been coming on and off the whole time. If you start out in adverse weather then a clean, dry jumper in your bag is a MUST for the pub at the end or at least the journey home. 
Whether it's weather related or height variances I'd always recommend packing a few layers. It's better to have it than not. 

Headband/Hat - Last weekend I didn't take my fluffy fleecy headband on my Snowdon hike and by the time we reached the summit my ears were red raw. It may look lovely and sunny when you pull up in the car but the higher you hike the colder its bound to get. Look after them lugs! 

Spare Socks - Wet feet are the worst and there is nothing worse than sitting on a train home, in the car or in the pub with freezing feet. 

Torch - Over prepared Tabby comes into play here but especially depending on what time of year you hike I'd say always have a little torch with you. Just in case. Even if you're not on the trail when it gets dark and your walking along a main road back to the station - turn that baby on so cars can see you. 

Camera - Well obviously. I mean i'm calling myself a blogger these days so that's the excuse I use as to why I have my Canon in my backpack and my iPhone to hand but hiking the British countryside offers some beautiful, breathtaking views. It would be criminal not to take a few snaps and share that beauty. 

Battery Pack - Its 2016 people and my iPhone aint lasting a whole day with all them photo's and videos i'll be taking so I make sure to always have a spare battery pack with me. Quick tip though ; dont rely on your phone to contact people or in emergencies. Signal in the middle of nowhere can be hard to come across.

Packed Lunch - Corned Beef and Cucumber Bread Buns, Hula Hoops and  Bananas. Every time. No exceptions. Although above I mentioned the likelihood of cafe's or small business' I wouldn't rely on it. Take a packed lunch with you and always take more food than you think you'll need.
Water - Day hike water requirements i'd say is a minimum of 2 litres. If its hot out, try and take more. I'm not kidding. You can get yourself in real trouble when you don't stay hydrated so don't risk it.

Trust me I've edited this post 100 times before posting to try and condense it down as much as possible but I reckon that's about it - that is all I have in my hiking bag for a standard day hike and anything else you're taking is just weighing you down folks.
Any hiking enthusiasts out there spot anything i'm missing? Do you always take something I've forgotten?
Let me know if this post has made you think or if there are any other hiking related posts you'd like to see!

Until next time . .. Take Heart and Be Courageous x

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