Models Own Make Up Review

Did you know Models Own launched a Make Up range to go with their cult Hyper Gel Nail Polishes? Nope neither did I until recently! I've bought the Sculpt & Glow Highligher Palette, Liquid Highlighter and got the Hyper Eyes Mascara for free because I bought online. 

Sculpt & Glow Highlighter Palette - Gold Spotlight 03
First impressions of this palette it had really surpassed my expectations before I got started playing as the packaging was everything and more you want from a new brand. The product came boxed and the actual palette is a pearlescent white plastic with a magnetic close and silver metallic branding. Opening the palette you have HUGE mirror and 3 generous slabs of product ; 2 powder highlighters and 1 cream. This is the perfect summer highlighting palette as Glimmer and Goldmine will be perfect to compliment a tan and then Gemstone can be worn all year round. I've only used the two powders so far and daaammnn do they glow. My only erk with this palette is around its name, Sculpt & Glow ; this isn't a sculpting product. All 3 colours are shimmer and its glow glow glow. I guess Sculpt and Glow is the range name? Anywho - be warned ; this isn't a contouring palette. 

Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter - Brilliance 01
Again, boxed in cute turquoise and white ombre packaging this liquid highlighter comes tubed with a pump applicator. No drama's for when your product runs low and the pump stops working because the lid easily unscrews at the neck as well and you can simply squeeze the tube. I've been using this on T-zone and cheekbones as a primer before applying my tinted moisturiser and it works a treat. It is a glittery formula with specks of silver, blue, pink and purple that all blend to one bright sparkle.

Hyper Eyes 3 in 1 Mascara - Black
FREE (or £7.99)
Models Own are currently running an offer where when you buy a selected highlighter product you enter the code 'MASCARA' at check out and get the Hyper Eyes for free. This mascara is meant to lengthen, curl and volumise your lashes with one side of the brush having long bristles and the other short. Its great as a freebie and in terms of drug store standard mascara's its actually really good! No clumping, it really does lengthen. I have been going over the top with my Illamasqua Masquara for extra volume if I need but generally day to day this mascara has been great.
Overall i'm really chuffed with my Models Own Make Up experience ; the delivery is really quick (and free because I spent over £15), the packaging is awesome ; really cute, really on brand and the products are great! I'd definitely say they are on the upper end of the 'drugstore' scale in terms of quality and the price point is just right. I've already got my eye on the 'Dare To Bare' Nudes Collection they'll be launching on August 18th so watch this space! I'll let you know if/when I pick some up! Have you tried Models Own Make Up? Any recommendations for what I should try next? Until next time . . .Take Heart x


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