GBBO Challenge - Week 1 Jaffa Cakes

For anyone who's been living under a rock, GBBO stands for the Great British Bake Off. Inspired by a BuzzFeed article I saw last year where a guy attempted each technical challenge - and bombed - every week I will be letting you guys choose a bake for me to attempt. The twist? I'm shit at baking.

 I got Mary Berry's Jaffa Cake recipe off the BBC Website and headed to Sainburys. 
Cost of Ingredients this week : £5.50
 Baking Time : (an impressive) 3 hours 10 minutes

First you have to make the jelly ; pretty easy. Boiling hot water, jelly cubes,stir and then pop it in the fridge to set. Making the sponge is again pretty straight forward. However Mary's measurements on this recipe are tiny. I had to make 3 batches to get 24 Jaffas - there are a lot of hungry girls in my office, 12 just would not do. The 'assembly' was the part that went to hell. My sponges were smaller than the ones on TV and my cookie cutter was the same size so the jelly was a bit too big by Mary's standards. I didn't let the chocolate cool enough so as I tried topping with chocolate the jelly began to melt. This means the first half of my batch are topped with a mixture of melted jelly and chocolate whereas the second half are lovely layers as they are supposed to be. I couldn't handle the 'criss-cross' pattern on top though. One step far too far. I call mine the 'slap dash' pattern. Reeeaall professional.
Actually making the cakes took 2 minutes. Assembling the things sent my blood pressure through the roof - maybe this challenge will teach me a little patience?

Overall I'd say I got pretty lucky with a relatively easy first challenge (it's going to get SO MUCH HARDER) and the girls at work were happy with them so my Jaffa's passed the taste test.

Make sure you watch tomorrows Bake Off and when my poll goes up on Facebook - let me know which Bake you want for the challenge next week!

Until next time . . . Take Heart x 



  1. Ah I'm doing this too!! Got my Viennese Whirls to make tomorrow, will snap it all over on my snapchat. I kinda cheated a little and made a giant jaffa cake instead but..thought that counts right?! I love the look of your blog so much - followed on Bloglovin'! xx

    1. I've only just seen this comment lovely! So sorry for not replying sooner! I've been stalking your snapchat all month so I did notice all the baking at the begining - I was like 'ohh damn this girl is a pro'. Hahah one giant jaffa cake sounds amazing!
      Thank you lovely, I followed you back :) x


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