Ibiza 2016 - Party Itinerary

Party itinerary may not sound like the most exciting, wild and 'Ibiza' title you ever heard but I tell you as a BEEFA first timer planning and booking our tickets in advance was ideal. So what nights did we chose? Where did we go? How amazing was it? I've rated each night for you and spoiler alert : it was all AMAZING.

Lost in Ibiza Boat Party San Antonio Combo ticket + Paradise DC10, 69 Euro's
This Boat Party met at a local bar in San Antonio, starting at 6pm with two free sangrias when you got on the boat and then 3 hours out on the sea around the island. When you got back to dry land you had 45 minutes before an included bus transfer took you to DC10 which would have been a 20-30 euro from San Antonio.
It was awesome to get on a boat and sail out to breaktaking views of the island as the sun set into the sea, however I will say this was not a 'stop and swim, jump off, have a frolic' boat party. The boat didn't stop which I think we were slightly grateful for as we were no where near wrecked enough compared to the other party goers on board. If you're looking for a relaxing chill boat trip, this is not the one for you. It was heavy.
Rating : 3/5
DC10 was epic and I couldn't recommend it more, so for the bus transfer and entry I would say this ticket was worth the price but I probably would have been happy without the Boat Party to be honest.

RUDIMENTAL and Monki at Cova Santa, 75 Euro's 
This ticket was a combo ticket that included entry to Amnesia on the Tuesday we arrived but Amnesia didn't happen. Once we were out in Ibiza Amnesia was raided and the owner was arrested for fraud. The club didn't open that night so as a result we paid 75 euro's for one night. I have tried multiple time to contact Ibiza Spotlight customer service for a refund and i'm not just being ignored. Annoying. Before you continue reading, stop. Google Cova Santa. Most people who have been to Ibiza before that I told about this place hadn't heard of it or didnt know too much about it as it has massively grown the last couple of years. THIS IS NOT ONE TO BE MISSED. 
Monki and RUDIMENTAL were insane. As my birthday was at midnight we decided to all chip in and go VIP and holy hell I would do it 100 times over. For 3 of us we payed 300 euros for a table right in front of the stage, personal service pouring our drinks and a bottle of Gin. Individual Gin and Tonics were 15 euros so I think buying the bottle was probably better value for money. 
Rating : 5/5 
Cova Santa is in the hills on its own so you have to get a taxi there and back which is about 25 euros and you are there for the night once you're there, but it was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY HOLIDAY. If you get chance to see RUDIMENTAL you have to go but any live music at Cova Santa would be sick. 

Ocean Pool Party at Ocean Beach Club Ibiza, 20 Euro's
Happy Birthday Me!! To celebrate the big 2-6 we firstly had to recover from the bottle of Gin we drank the night before (morning beers and pizza obvs) and then onto Ocean Beach. This is the idea of Ibiza I had before I got there ; gorgeous people, dressed up, hair done, full face of make up in the middle of the day, posing. I'm being a little harsh, it was fun to go to and I started to enjoy it more later on as people relaxed and stopped being quite so pretentious, but i'm all about having fun - not taking awkward photos for Instagram with captions about having fun. The props and entertainment were amazing with dancers coming from the sky, giant sharks, fireworks and streamer canons. To hire a table here the prices are a bit mad ; you're looking 500-800 euros which I dont know exactly what these entail because once I heard 500 euros I switched off. 
Rating : 4/5
 Ocean Beach Club is a bit of an institution and its definitely worth going to to say you've been and for only 20 euros its pretty sweet. I wish we'd stayed a bit longer into the evening because I think people would have chilled out more but hey, Vez and I got to ride inflatable shells. Nuff said.

Watching the Sunset at Cafe Mambo 
As it was my birthday we wanted to have a nice dinner, chill and watch the sun set in the sea and like Ocean Beach Club, Cafe Mambo is a bit of an Ibiza institution. The food was lovely but as you'd expect it was overpriced and when it came to paying the bill the waitress tried to make us pay 100 euros a head for the table we had. Needless to say we didnt pay that but it was still pretty pricey. There are restaurants either side more affordable or like tons of others you could go to a local shop, get some bottles, and sit on the rocks and watch the sunset.
Rating : 3/5
Gorgeous view but you really don't need to go to Cafe Mambo to see it. Get your friends, get some bottles and settle on the rocks for a gorgeous view.

Zoo Project at Benimussa Park, 35 Euro's
This day went a little off course when we came across a rep who sold us a bus party, free bar and discounted body paint before Zoo Project actually start for 40 euros. Don't do it. Seriously don't be swayed by the reps, just stick to your guns. That package was rubbish and we spent most of the day waiting around. All of us said we wished we'd just got ourselves to Zoo earlier and enjoy the day more. You can get your body paint done all around Playa Del Bossa, San Antonio or you can wait until you get to the venue with very little price difference.
Zoo had multiple stages, loads of performances, different stuff going on and a pool so you can easily spend all day there and have a great time. It closes at midnight so you will need an after party/after club event or you could be cool like me and plan for this to be one of your early nights so you don't die.
Rating : 4/5
Zoo Project was sick. The pre-party was naff but i'm not letting it effect the rating because it wasn't an official pre party - DONT LISTEN TO THE REPS. THEY ARE RIPPING YOU OFF. 
Sunbathe, chill, recover.

David Guetta BIG at Ushuaia, 50 Euro's 
Our last night in Ibiza did not fail to impress. Ushuaia is one of the best staging, venue's, vibes, energies of any concert or gig I have ever been to. This was just immense. I can't describe dancing in a pool to David Guetta with neon lights, lasers and Gin knowing the best holiday of my life was coming to a close . . . go big or go home. 
Rating : 5/5
You have to go to Ushuaia. Just have to. If you get chance to see David Guetta then go. 

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - BEST HOLIDAY EVER. 
I hope this has helped and if you have any other questions about this trip, you want any other tips or have any ideas of posts I could write for Ibiza then let me know. If you're going to Ibiza this summer then I hate you. . . although I am tempted to go back for closing parties . . . 


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