My Travel Plans 2016

The first half of my year has been pretty quiet travel wise as I started a new job and I knew I was looking to study again so I couldn't book anything. I have now passed my probation at Illamasqua (Wooohoooo!) and i'm enrolled in CIMA so I have all my college courses for the year mapped out, exams planned and I can finally see where my free time (if any) will fall. Inspired by a similar post The Travelista wrote detailing all her summer travel plans, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what I have coming up this year, and therefore the kind of content, travel posts and reviews you should expect to see.

Here it goes, My Travel Plans 2016 :

Ibiza - Spain
Oh my god I'm so excited. THIS IS MY FIRST GROWN UP GIRLS HOLIDAY! And like it wasn't enough that i'm going away with two of my lovely gorgeous girls but whilst we're away it will be my 26th birthday!! We've decided to stay in San Antonio to be closer to the bars and we've booked a bunch of our event tickets already so its cheaper, and so we have some semblance of plan between the sunbathing and the hangovers. I'm still bikini shopping and still looking for perfect Ibiza outfits - if you have any recommendations for me i'd really appreciate it!
*Photo credit to Ibiza TV

Barcelona - Spain
This is still TBC but I thought i'd mention it ; at work we did a sweepstake for the Euro's and I said whichever country I pull out of the hat I will book flights there. Now I pulled Spain ; which i'm already going to with the Ibiza holiday but I felt that was a cop out and everyone is always telling about Barca so f*ck it. I'm off. My gorgeous friend Laura is out there the weekend I was planning to go and happens to have a suite in the W Hotel . . a 5 star hotel overlooking the sea .. .it would be rude not too really wouldn't it?
*Photo credit to Driftwood Journals

Basel/Mount Eiger - Switzerland
The North Face Mountain Festival is 3 days of hiking, trail running, climbing, banquets and beer on the evenings, whilst you camp at the base of Mount Eiger. There are also additional activities you can pay extra for like rafting, canyoning and paragliding. I'm heading over in a group of 10 and we're yet to decide whether we're driving or flying but whatever we do its going to be carnage. If this sounds like your cup of tea there are still tickets left so get a group together and get involved.

*Photo credit to The North Face

Budapest - Hungary
Every year my running club goes on trips abroad to race, drink and generally just get away from it all and this year the holiday I've chosen to be part of is to Budaaapessst. You can chose a 10k, 30k or a marathon and i've gone for the 30k option. I fly out Saturday, race Sunday and am staying until Wednesday of that week for some sightseeing and tourist fun. Any suggestions of things for me to see and do whilst i'm there - hit me up!

Reykjavik - Iceland
My girl Marianna and I went to Dublin earlier this year - check our tour by food here - and we've decided our next trip is going to be Iceland. We're heading for November so we can see the Northern Lights, head to the Blue Lagoon and pick a couple of hiking excursions. LOL at Marianna hiking . . lets see if she reads this and calls me out on what I have planned.
*Photo credit to

This is where I need you! This Christmas I've decided I want sun, sea and sand and potentially Thailand? I think I have Thailand in my head but i'm open to other suggestions . . somewhere busy and fun over Christmas where I can just have a laugh and have a break before the new year. Please help!

I am so lucky to get to travel so much and i'm incredibly grateful for all my amazing friends who I get to share these experiences with. I've already started the list of places I want to go next year . .travel addict much?


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